Advantages and disadvantagesEdit


  • Memorable (minor) Distinctive good looks and overbearing charisma. -3 disguise checks.
  • Deadly Enemy (minor) Elder from House Surtvia has put a price on the head of the "Black Ram".
  • Deadly Enemy (minor) Jules, a jilted ex lover, is looking to cause trouble for him if he can find him.
  • Omnisexual (minor) Social stigma when his unusual proclivities are exposed
  • Vain (medium) Judges others by looks. Cannot stand to be mocked about his looks and is a trigger that can make him easy to manipulate.
  • Randy/Amourous (major)
    • CHR 14-15 Will pursue with restraint.
    • CHR 16-18 Will pursue a relationship but stay within bond of reasonable actions but cannot consistently hold his tongue.
    • CHR 19-20 Will persue and not always be able to hold his tongue or actions in check.
    • CHR 21+ Will unreasonably pursue a relationship. But will still require consent before consummating it.
    • Non humanoids drop one step or more depending on alieness.


  • Thing Go Smoothly (Major) Reroll two die rolls per day.
  • Easy on the Eyes (Major) (When using Bluff or Diplomacy on a character that is (or could be) attracted to you get a +2 and you can reroll a check once per day.
  • Obstacle Avoidance Training (Medium) Extensive combat training at a notable fighting academy give a +4 Acrobatics trait bonus.
  • Something don't smell right here.. (minor) +2 Perception checks to avoid surprise ambushes.